Heart of the Home, a Fireplace Makeover

When I bought my house I new it would take me years to get it where I wanted it. I wanted more than anything to start with the Living Room. I had never had a fireplace before and I knew I wanted this room to be the Heart of our home. Unfortunately, life never quite works out like you want it to. This room turned out to be one of the last rooms that we completed before handing over the keys to someone else and moving. I still managed to execute exactly what I had envisioned and I LOVE the results. Even if it was for only one Christmas. Continue reading


Sorry its been a while since my last post. I have lots of projects to post about, but many of them need a few finishing touches before they are post ready. That said, I had to pause all of those projects so that I could start and finish remodeling my kids bathroom. We had family coming to town and this was the bathroom that they would be using and it was embarrassing. We have been remodeling our home, top to bottom, inside and out. Three years later, we are close to being done. The final 2 projects remaining are the 2 upstairs bathrooms. One down, one to go (Master bathroom remains). Continue reading

My Home Tour – Kitchen

Raise your hand if you want to see my greatest home improvement masterpiece.

When we bought our home we knew it was dated and ugly. While doing our final walk-through, a friend of mine happened to be driving by. I asked her if she wanted to see the home we were thinking about purchasing. As she walked through the house she cringed. From room to room it just got worse and worse. It was disgusting! She pleaded with me, “Please do not buy this house.”

I knew that the house had good bones, and had potential to be beautiful. It just needed that classic TLC. My only question was, did I have enough patience to give it? This would be our third home. The previous two we had fixed up as well. Each time the remodels had increased in complexity and time consumption. I remember my husband looking at me, and then back at the kitchen. We were in the last stages of deciding on whether to buy it or not.  “Are you sure that you can make this kitchen beautiful?” he asked. I nodded with confidence outwardly, even though I was somewhat unsure on the inside. He then replied, “If you can do this, if you can pull this off, it will be your GREATEST MASTERPIECE!” Now I was scared, but up for the challenge. Continue reading

My Home Tour – Boy Room

Its no surprise that I love Rustic, but I also like to mix it with modern. For my sons room I wanted to mix metals and wood. I always start with my statement piece, and let the rest of the room grow from there. In this room I decided to take on an accent wall entirely made of wood. I finished the wall about 2 years ago, before it became popular. My husband was worried that it would be cool, but would hurt the resale value. For our homes we always have to consider resale, because we move so much. My argument was, you could always white wash it for a girls room if needed. All things considered, I still like what I like, and as much as I try to respect the resale rules, sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Continue reading