Laundry Never Ends

Laundryroomafter7To stack or not to stack…..that was the question.

I had just recently replaced the flooring throughout the first floor.  The laundry room would be my next remodel stop. I chose it next because I had just ordered a new washer dryer set and I have a real hard time putting something nice and new in something old and ugly.

My first goal was to start with a clean slate so I removed the washtub. This gave me the opportunity to start from scratch. Speaking of Scratch…. I on this project I scratched and scratched my head trying to decide what layout scheme to use.  Continue reading

My Home Tour – Boy Room

Its no surprise that I love Rustic, but I also like to mix it with modern. For my sons room I wanted to mix metals and wood. I always start with my statement piece, and let the rest of the room grow from there. In this room I decided to take on an accent wall entirely made of wood. I finished the wall about 2 years ago, before it became popular. My husband was worried that it would be cool, but would hurt the resale value. For our homes we always have to consider resale, because we move so much. My argument was, you could always white wash it for a girls room if needed. All things considered, I still like what I like, and as much as I try to respect the resale rules, sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Continue reading