Moon Bedroom Mural

Sometimes you do projects just because they sound fun. This was one of those. I’m not sure where the idea actually originated. It was somewhere between my wife, daughter, and mother. The idea was simple, let’s paint a basic mural on a wall in my daughter’s bedroom. We pretty quickly decided on a moon and starry night mural since the now famous phrase “I like it moon” was made up by this daughter when she was very young.

To get a basic idea I started where anyone would start . . . YouTube. I found a really easy and cool tutorial by Bella Luna. You can watch it here. The tutorial was complete with everything you would need to pull it off.

So without further ado, here’s the before and after.

Below is the timelapse video we put together of our creation. My first art video and my second oldest daughter’s first time filming. Nothing is ever quite as easy as people make it look. 🙂 Enjoy.

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  1. Woah!! Watching the process in time lapse was super cool. Thanks for sharing this video and post. I am in love with this wall and bedroom decor and wish I had a room like this growing up. <3 Nice work Barnette family.

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