Sorry its been a while since my last post. I have lots of projects to post about, but many of them need a few finishing touches before they are post ready. That said, I had to pause all of those projects so that I could start and finish remodeling my kids bathroom. We had family coming to town and this was the bathroom that they would be using and it was embarrassing. We have been remodeling our home, top to bottom, inside and out. Three years later, we are close to being done. The final 2 projects remaining are the 2 upstairs bathrooms. One down, one to go (Master bathroom remains).

Here is what we started out with.

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We unhooked the plumbing, took off the mirror, tore off the vanity top, took out the cabinets, removed the toilet, and baseboard. Then it was time to take out that dated tile!!! This job can be hard work, but with the help of a tile jack hammer tool from Home Depot (about $150 to rent for 4 hours) we were able to remove it all in about 2 hours. My husband did this part while our daughter and I cleaned up the broken pieces.

We completed each of these stages one Saturday at a time. The first Saturday we tore everything out but the floor. The next Saturday we tore out the floor. We spent the next Saturday installing the cement board. This part takes patience. Cutting the cement board can be challenging. It took us about 4 or 5 hours. and about 5 sheets for a space this size.


Here is where it started to take shape and my fun begins. I hate the hard work just like anyone, but I love the finished product. Seeing it come together gets me motivated to keep doing more. We chose an American Clean Tranquil Stone Warm Gray from Lowes.  It was a small area so we weren’t overly worried about the price however originally we thought we had chosen a much cheaper tile on sale. We loaded up and took it up front to find out we had loaded a tile that was more expensive. After a little haggling, because of our lost time and their poor labeling, we got it with a 20% discount. Cutting and laying the tile took me two days. One day to cut, one day to lay. Hard work!

Grout time! I used Silverado Sanded Powder Grout from Lowes. It’s getting closer!

Not that the floor was complete it was time to construct the vanity. Several years ago I purchased two vanity drawers on clearence intending to use them somewhere else, but I  decided to use one in here. The complexity was that the old vanity was not only shorter, but the drawer cabinet was only 12″ and this new one is 18″. That said, the old cabinets were shot, so to keep the same size as the previous, total cabinet length, I had to go custom. The previous cabinet had about 16″ of dead space between the side of the cabinet and the wall on the right side of the bathroom. I decided to turn it into a towel tower, instead of useless space.

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After finishing the framing of the cabinets, I decided to add a little more detail than I originally had planned, and I am so glad that I did. I took $9 table legs and cut them in half and attached them to the face to give the cabinet more elegance. I should also point out that I am not making cabinet doors for the cabinets. I have a huge linen closet in this bathroom and don’t need the extra functional storage space, so instead I am going for looks. Plus I knew that I would never be able to match the pattern of the the molding on the existing drawer faces so I am not going to try.  The center drawer cabinet is brand new and doesn’t need to be painted so my plan is to find a color that is so close that I won’t have to paint it and no one will ever know, Well except you now!

Once the cabinets are built the baseboard can now be added. Always put in baseboard behind the toilet before installing the toilet. In fact installing the toilet was one of the last things that I did so that I could paint the cabinets, walls, ceiling, and baseboard without the toilet being in my way. The baseboard height for your room is always decided by the lowest point in your room. In my case it was determined by the bottom of the lowest drawer, that way it would clear it to open and close. once that height is determined, you can go to town on the rest of the room.


Oh and a little something extra to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. My kids love it! Iris thinks she is number 4 because she is 4 years old. Not the case, but whatever makes here happy!

Much better. The color of the walls by the way is “Silvermist” by Sherwin Williams.

Had the shower professionally painted, and I installed new fixtures. What a difference! I was nervous about doing this at first but it turned out really nice. I wasn’t overly pleased with the experience however. I had to call the painter back because his first go at it left thin and thick spots. I’m so glad I didn’t settle.

Almost there! Toilet is going in. Counters have been ordered and will be installed soon.






Much better. Not embarrassing anymore. I love how all the colors came together!!!


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