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Its no surprise that I love Rustic, but I also like to mix it with modern. For my sons room I wanted to mix metals and wood. I always start with my statement piece, and let the rest of the room grow from there. In this room I decided to take on an accent wall entirely made of wood. I finished the wall about 2 years ago, before it became popular. My husband was worried that it would be cool, but would hurt the resale value. For our homes we always have to consider resale, because we move so much. My argument was, you could always white wash it for a girls room if needed. All things considered, I still like what I like, and as much as I try to respect the resale rules, sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

To start, here are two photos that show the canvas I started with.

The accent wall is my favorite part of this room. In a future post later this week I will go into more detail on how it was done.



While I was working on the accent wall I also began decorating the room in general. I’m always checking antique stores, you’ll be surprised what you can find. First I found rustic letters to spell out my sons name right as you enter the room.


I found the hubcaps, the stop light, and the old looking Arkansas flag (my husbands alma mater) at antique stores as well. Decorating a kids room using books they already own is also a great way to fill space without spending more money. Never pay full price for nick/nacks. Hobby Lobby always has sales throughout the store. If its not on sale, WAIT! It will be soon.




For curtain rods I went with industrial pipe from the hardware store. Its a bit cheaper than nice rods, but gives a unique rustic feel. That said they are really dirty. Clean them first. Baby wipes work great.


In the end my boy’s room was one of the first I completed and is still one of my favorites. I hope you enjoyed.

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  1. The wall really turned out well. I will admit I wasn’t all in like Jen said but it’s one of my favorite works of art in the house.

  2. I love that wall! I was all in from the beginning!! ❤️❤️

  3. I love it! I couldn’t help but feel like my curtains are now kind of famous!

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