Where to find the perfect piece of furniture on the cheap?


This is a desk I purchased for $17 from Goodwill. A little bit of TLC later and it was turned into a gorgeous computer desk.

To me, there are 2 kinds of furniture pieces that I put in my home. First, there are the impulse pieces. You know the ones where you say, “I don’t care, I have to have it, I will find a place for it even if I have to get rid of something to make room for it.” Those are the pieces that we are lucky enough to have fall in our laps from time to time.

The other type is the one you have to search for. Sometimes these can seem to take forever to find. They are the more specific pieces of furniture that I know I need in that one place in my house. They are the ones that have a specific look, a specific size, a specific feel. To find those pieces you have to hunt for them.

I have several different go-to places to find the perfect furniture and they aren’t necessarily where you might think to look first.

  1. Local thrift shop: Sometimes I get lucky and find them at a Goodwillor Salvation Army. I try to make a run to these locations on a regular basis as new furniture is cycled through regularly. More times than not there’s nothing worth buying but sometimes you find that gem.
  2. Online: Online is where I find the majority of my pieces. I find them on sites like craigslist or varagesale (in Pennsylvania its not the best site, but never rule anything out when you are on the hunt). My current favorite site is “Letgo“. I have been having a lot of luck lately on this site finding affordable pieces. I will show in a later post my daughters room that is almost solely designed with items from letgo.com.
  3. Antique Stores: Antique stores are also an option. They often have pieces in better shape however, more often than not, they are more expensive. I don’t necessarily like buying them from there because they are marked up, but when you find what you are looking for, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

That said all prices, even the price on antiques, can be negotiated. Be careful not to insult the person, but figure out what you want to pay, ask lower and hopefully you will meet at your price. My biggest piece of advice is: Be prepared to walk away. Have your top amount and stick to it. In the end I have paid anywhere from $15 to $130 for my pieces. Some still required that I refinish them and others were home ready.

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  1. One other thing I will add is that I always try to find pieces that are real wood. Not pressed wood or partial board. Check the drawers the best pieces are dovetailed.

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