Stop ‘Stair’ing

How it all began

There are many different reasons projects get started. Sometimes they are started out of a desire to improve your decor or to upgrade something that’s outdated. On the other hand, sometimes they are started because your Chimney Sweep tells you your house smells like “wet dog”. This project was one of the latter ones. Read More

It has become a recent tradition of ours to create a one of a kind “trunk or treat” display for our car. For those of you that have never heard of a “trunk or treat”, it is an opportunity for kids to trick or treat, in a safe, controlled environment, where people get creative and decorate their car trunks in fun or spooky ways. The kids, dress up in their costumes and go from trunk to trunk, trick or treating, usually set up in a church or school parking lot. Our church has been doing this for as long as I can remember so we are fairly accustomed to the idea. Recently my kid’s school started doing it.

When my husband and I first started participating in trunk or treats we used the same standard decorations most people use. We did a basic scary scene. We had a Graveyard with some skeletons, a fog machine, strobe lights, etc. We did that for about 12 years or so. Read More


Sorry its been a while since my last post. I have lots of projects to post about, but many of them need a few finishing touches before they are post ready. That said, I had to pause all of those projects so that I could start and finish remodeling my kids bathroom. We had family coming to town and this was the bathroom that they would be using and it was embarrassing. We have been remodeling our home, top to bottom, inside and out. Three years later, we are close to being done. The final 2 projects remaining are the 2 upstairs bathrooms. One down, one to go (Master bathroom remains). Read More

My Home Tour – Kitchen

Raise your hand if you want to see my greatest home improvement masterpiece.

When we bought our home we knew it was dated and ugly. While doing our final walk-through, a friend of mine happened to be driving by. I asked her if she wanted to see the home we were thinking about purchasing. As she walked through the house she cringed. From room to room it just got worse and worse. It was disgusting! She pleaded with me, “Please do not buy this house.”

I knew that the house had good bones, and had potential to be beautiful. It just needed that classic TLC. My only question was, did I have enough patience to give it? This would be our third home. The previous two we had fixed up as well. Each time the remodels had increased in complexity and time consumption. I remember my husband looking at me, and then back at the kitchen. We were in the last stages of deciding on whether to buy it or not.  “Are you sure that you can make this kitchen beautiful?” he asked. I nodded with confidence outwardly, even though I was somewhat unsure on the inside. He then replied, “If you can do this, if you can pull this off, it will be your GREATEST MASTERPIECE!” Now I was scared, but up for the challenge. Read More

Rustic Wood Accent Wall Tutorial

Once I had made a decision on the theme for my son’s room, I wanted to create an accent wall that would be the center piece for the room. A Rustic Wood Accent Wall would be a perfect tie in to the rustic/modern look I was looking for.

To start, I bought about thirty 1×3 (straight) boards from Home Depot. These boards are very cheap. Many of them are bowed and damaged. Make sure you pick through them and don’t just grab a handful of boards. Read More

Its no surprise that I love Rustic, but I also like to mix it with modern. For my sons room I wanted to mix metals and wood. I always start with my statement piece, and let the rest of the room grow from there. In this room I decided to take on an accent wall entirely made of wood. I finished the wall about 2 years ago, before it became popular. My husband was worried that it would be cool, but would hurt the resale value. For our homes we always have to consider resale, because we move so much. My argument was, you could always white wash it for a girls room if needed. All things considered, I still like what I like, and as much as I try to respect the resale rules, sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Read More

Recently a friend of ours found they were moving and needed to sell their home. We discussed the advantages of staging a home to sell. They were completely onboard and as you will see in the before and after photos below it makes a major difference. The market was in a good place here but they were able to get top dollar within the first days of having it on the market. Staging definitely played a role in the speed within which the house sold. In the end, I believe there’s a couple of reasons staging has such a dramatic influence on home buyers. Read More

Along with the posts on the site, we also post some of the projects on other social media sights like:,, among others. Below are some of the best and most entertaining comments from those sites. Enjoy.


Photo of our youngest daughter Iris. Try saying no to that face. 🙂

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Kitchen Cabinet Makeover


Most of my projects have been done in my home. I love the freedom of knowing that first and foremost I only have to make myself happy and maybe a distant second my husband :). This project however was one of my first remodels for a friend. Obviously this is a little more nerve-racking in the beginning because now there’s a new number one to make happy. Read More

Finding that Perfect Piece

As you start on your journey to have the perfect statement piece in your house it’s important to remember that paint or finish can only do so much. It’s nearly impossible to turn a pressed wood or laminate piece into a beautiful statement piece. You have to start with furniture that have the bones you are looking for. A quality piece that had it’s day but just needs some TLC. Finding that piece can sometimes be difficult. In a previous post I discuss where I go to find my pieces without spending an arm and a leg. Check it out here.

chalkpaintbeforeFor this project I found this beautiful piece of furniture at my local Goodwill. It set me back $100. I have to say that I was quite shocked to see it priced so high. In my experience, prices are never predictable at Goodwill. I have 2 antique dining buffet pieces, they came from the same location, and I paid $20 for one and $100 for the other. I can’t figure that one out.

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